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Chicken Marsala

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I honestly wasn’t too jazzed about this dish.


But just look at how juicy it is.


It all started very humbly.


To think I used to not like mushrooms.  Maybe I’ve told the fascinating story of how when I was eight we went out for Chinese food and I ate soup with mushrooms.  Loved them ever since.  The End.


So simple and so pretty.


Are these the smallest chicken breasts ever?


Just four ounces each.  Ellie Krieger suggests five ounces in Comfort Food Fix.  I usually pay the extra money for the Perdue chicken that’s packaged individually.  The other day Publix only had the version with Italian seasoning.  Seriously, people?  As a society we’ve become so pathetic that we can’t even pour salad dressing onto chicken anymore?  Here’s the ironic end to this little ditty:  these teeny chicken boobies — as my mother used to say — are the brand that Paula Deen is promoting.  For real.  Her picture is even on the bag.   I guess she’s taking her new image to heart.


BTW – I learned a little something about Marsala wine.  Apparently you can keep it in the fridge for months.


Yes, I do realize that a ditty is supposed to be sung.  For all you know I was singing as I was typing.  You should try it.

Eat Well and Savor.



Chardonnay Glazed Carrots

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I already have a go-to carrot recipe, but how was I supposed to resist an excuse to open up some Chardonnay?

Honestly, these aren’t the best carrots I’ve ever had.  I just couldn’t resist a chance to post about my new measuring cups.

I may be a Disney fan, but I just don’t love Mickey.  I think you can barely see a Mickey image on one of these cups, which I could live without.  It’s just too darn cute that they say things like cup of character and cup of magic.   And every household needs a cup of love.

I really have to start reading the fine print.  Apparently this recipe requires Chardonnay verjus, which is from unripe grapes.  Oops.  I used a good wine and it suggested Kendall-Jackson.  Oh, well.

I still prefer the recipe from my Aunt Penny.  She said that whenever anyone asks for the recipe she feels guilty because it is so easy.  I’ve tried a lot carrots and I have yet to find one that surpasses these gems.

1 bag of baby carrots


light brown sugar


Of course there aren’t any measurements.  Cook the carrots in a little water until tender.  Place them in a casserole dish and dab butter on top, crumble with brown sugar and sprinkle with nutmeg.  Cover the dish with foil and bake for about 20 minutes at 350.

Eat Well and Savor.


Wine-Soaked Grape Cake

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Shouldn’t every cake recipe include wine?

Obviously the baking Gods were not smiling upon me.  First, I realized that I didn’t have any oranges, an integral component of orange zest.  Then, I almost mixed up the measurements for baking soda and baking powder.  This was a mistake I made in an elementary 4-H project.  I have lived in fear of repeating it ever since.

Finally, when the recipe called for a cup and a half of grapes, no problem.  However, it only required one cup of wine and I might have mixed that up with the grape measurement and put in a little extra.  I know baking is an exact science and all, but I just tossed in the little bit of flour that was left at the end of my bag and hoped for the best.

It worked out all right, but I did get a little buzz when I licked the spatula.  The grapes really soak up the alcohol too.

This is the last installment in Sharon O’Connor’s Wine Tasting series.  As much as I’d love to move on to Cooking with the Blues, I think it’s time for a change.  I have it narrowed down to a few selections, so stay tuned.

Eat Well and Savor.



Braised Beef with Red Wine, Garlic, and Thyme

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I made this so long ago I can barely remember it.

I had a pretty busy workweek.  I hate when my paycheck gets in the way of my cooking.  Not to mention the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

I do remember that it was delicious.  I also remember that you need to clear your calendar for this one.  It has sits in the oven for about four hours.  The trick is to choose a good red wine and make sure you get more than one bottle.  I opted for Barolo.  It really helped to pass the time.

This is from Elizabeth Bard and Lunch in Paris.  She said something along the lines of this not being your grandmother’s pot roast.  The thing is my grandmother never made pot roast.  My mom used to make some kind of roast in an electric skillet with some really good browned potatoes.  I don’t recall any red wine being involved, and I’m pretty sure I used to put ketchup on it.  Ah, I’ve come so far.

Grilled Peaches with Marscopone Cheese

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This may look beautiful, but it wasn’t that great.

The topping is simply marscopone and vanilla, and since I ran out of vanilla I used vanilla bean paste, so you can actually see it.

So you just grill the peaches and toss them in brandy, douse in white wine, and there you go.  Of course I didn’t grill them long enough, but that was okay.

The most interesting thing about this is that Giada, in Everyday Italian, says to serve this in a coupe dish.  I had no idea what that was, but apparently I have one.   I looked it up in my Food Lover’s Companion and it’s a a footed wide bowl for desserts. 

Now, the white wine that  I used was  Cakebread Cellars Sauvignon Blanc.   I looked on to see what the best pairing would be.  The point of all this?  The recipe uses 3/4 cup and I pretty much am finishing off the rest of the bottle all by myself, so please go away and leave me alone. 

Eat Well and Savor.