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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

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And now we’ve come to my favorite part of the programming:  dessert.


Don’t you just love how versatile pound cake is?   So far I’ve topped this with fresh berries and cool whip, leftover fruit compote and cool whip, peach jam and cool whip, and raspberry jam and cool whip.  Are you noticing a trend here with the cool whip?  In the interest of full disclosure, Jake had some with ice cream.  He’ll pretty much put ice cream on anything, though.


As Joy the Baker says, this cake is tender and moist.  And, just so you know, if you plan ahead and take your butter out to soften, but forget the cream cheese, just stick it in your previously warmed oven while you load the dishwasher and then give it a little extra beat and you’ll be fine.

Here’s the link to a similar version of Joy Wilson’s pound cake.  If that doesn’t entice you to check out her site you should know that today she posted a Lasagna Grilled Cheese.   Oh, my.

Eat Well and Savor.



The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

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Doesn’t come from a package; it’s compliments of Joy the Baker.


I made this for dessert on March 31st and then I sang a little song to Jack Frost and begged him to get the hell out of town.  I think it worked, because today it was 85 degrees out today and I’ve had the top off the Jeep all week.

Yet another recipe that fits into my mantra of this was so easy.  Melt some white and semisweet chocolate chips.


I used the double-boiler method, but I’m sure the microwave would serve the same purpose.  Then add them to some warm milk and top it off with some espresso powder and a pinch of salt.


Marshmallows are optional, but totally recommended.

Seriously, People, if you’ve never had homemade hot chocolate you should try it at least once in your life.  Sometimes the effort can make something more worthwhile.

Eat Well and Savor.