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Ohio Buckeye Candy

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Isn’t this perfect timing?  Buckeyes are my go-to Thanksgiving treat AND the Buckeyes jut beat Michigan and are undefeated!

I have seen many variations on this recipe and I am always tempted to try them, but I stick with the original.  No pun intended since my copy is on a refrigerator magnet.  It’s the same one my mom uses and it saves me from having to dig out the book.

Mix together 3 cups of creamy peanut butter, one and 1/2 sticks of softened butter and 2 pounds of confectioner’s sugar.  Form them into small balls.  The recipe doesn’t say this, but it’s best to chill them in the fridge for a half an hour or so.  That will keep them from slipping off the toothpick when you dip it into the melted chocolate.  The magnet says 16 ounces of dipping chocolate.  I can never remember if I prefer dark or milk.  I think this time around I’ve come to the conclusion that dark is better.

You can melt your chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler.  I actually saved this old slow cooker and use it expressly for buckeye dipping because the shape of the lid is perfect for keeping a grip on the peanut butter balls.

Speaking of the peanut butter balls, I was a little too tired to do the dipping so I left them naked in the fridge overnight.  It was a joy to be greeted by the lovely aroma of peanut butter the next morning.  Why aren’t there peanut butter scented candles and air fresheners?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

I’m quite proud of my little table for two.  Especially the centerpiece.  I saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog and had to recreate it.  Here’s the things:  those little corn cobs are individual pieces.  Let’s just say I had to dig out the glue gun while the turkey was cooking.

I always hear this talk about centerpieces.   Many of them are elaborate and huge.  They’re usually beautiful, but I always wonder about those.  Growing up in our house the food was the centerpiece.

Everything came out great, except my stuffing was a little too moist.  I put it  back in the oven, spread it out on a cookie sheet, and promptly forgot about it.  That’s a recipe for charcoal.  I’ll try not to repeat that next year.

In other news:

This pumpkin had a little too much turkey, and she will do anything for a patch of sunshine.  In case you can’t tell, she climbed up onto a folding chair.

Eat Well and Savor.






Beef and Bulgur

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I am a firm believer in the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure where that comes from.  I’m sure it stems from childhood parties at school.  Please understand that when I say celebrate I mean with baked goods.  I know what you’re thinking:  what does this have to do with beef and bulgur?  Stick with me, kid, I’ll take you places.  That’s what I tell my husband anyway.

As an adult I have always tried to bring treats to work for Valentine’s.  Back in the day it was cupcakes, and more recently I’ve made a seriously chocolate cake with Chambord.  A few years back when I adopted Phoebe the whole office was involved in the process.  Many of them were dog owners as well.  I brought her home in December and by February she had certainly had more than one visit from the girls at work.  I thought to myself, self, I should bring some Valentine treats for all the girls’ dogs.  If I recall correctly I made some heart-shaped biscuits with whole-wheat flour and parmesan.  I put them each in their own red or pink bag that closed with a heart and wrote each dog’s name on it.  The people treats went in the break room for the ladies to help themselves.  Each dog treat bag I delivered to the owner’s desk.  One of the girls, we’ll call her Beth, didn’t notice that the little bag said Leo on it, and bit right in.  In a small office of 18 court reporters word traveled fast and she never lived it down.

I’m going to see Beth next month in Philly and I am going to have to confess to her how I ate Phoebe’s dinner.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I couldn’t stop eating it.  It did need a little salt, but, man, it was good.  It reminded me of something you would stuff into a cabbage roll.   I usually don’t taste her food, so I don’t know what prompted me this time.  Whatever the reason, I am not ashamed.  This is from my new favorite book by Rick Woodford.  It’s called Feed Your Best Friend Better and  he goes into great detail about the size of your dog and the calorie count they should consume, along with foods that are safe to share with your dog.  There’s even a diagram to help you determine if your dog is overweight.

I suppose I should tell you what’s in there.  It’s zucchini, red pepper, and a can of diced tomatoes.   That’s it.   I am — I mean Phoebe is definitely getting this for dinner again.

Eat Well and Savor.

Bow-Wow Brownies

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Phoebe had a rough weekend.  Or maybe I should say ruff.  Anyway, I thought she deserved some good old brownies.

I know what you’re thinking:  what possible problem could that dog have?  She sleeps all day, every room in the house is her domain, and she gets a homemade diet, not to mention the part where she sleeps on my pillow.

Well, in addition to getting the occasional ear infection and unknown allergy attack in the form of a rash or bumps, she also gets random hives.  Usually, said hives come one or two at a time and go away after one dose of Benadryl.  Well, Saturday they increased after the pill and they were in the proximity of her face/nose, so we headed to the emergency vet.  Well, by the time we made the 20-minute drive they had started to disappear, so instead she “did her business” in the parking lot, and then we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home so the she and I could split a vanilla cone.  Uh, I get the cone and she gets bites off the spoon.  Of course, the hives came back on Sunday, and were still lingering this morning, so off to the vet we went.

Okay.  So I made brownies for my dog, but at least I didn’t frost them.  Arden Moore in Real Food for Dogs includes a recipe for Bow-Wow Brownie Frosting.  I thought it would be a little too messy, and Phoebe didn’t object.

Before you go feeding your dog chocolate — which is very bad — I should tell you that these are made from carob powder and carob chips.  You could eat them if you felt so inclined.

So what if I licked the spatula after I put them in the pan.  They look like regular brownies, don’t they?

Eat Well and Savor.

Crunchy Buttermilk-Coconut Chicken Fingers

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It’s okay.  You can call off the search.  I am back.  It’s only been a few days, but it seems so much longer to me.  The movers came to pack on Saturday and we moved on Sunday.  I had it all planned out so that I could still post every day.  Every now and then I surprise myself and the plan goes south.

I thought I would get ahead of the game and move a few things on my own so that I don’t have to go digging for them later.  One of those things was my office.  You know, computer, printers, keyboard, modem, router.  Imagine my surprise when I got home from the new house and couldn’t connect to the Internet.  Duh, no router = no wi-fi.

I still made these delicious chicken fingers.  I cheated a little and bought the strips.  I wish I had cut them in half, but they were still delish.   The rest of the breading is corn flakes.  I thought it was a little strange that the recipe called for combining the chicken and flour in a bowl, as opposed to the standard dredge.  I don’t recommend it.

There’s just no way to make these guys attractive.  They did hit the spot with a sweet potato and an ear of corn.  I pulled this out of Cooking Light’s April 2008 issue.

I haven’t cooked since Friday and I think I’m having withdrawals.  I was pretty happy to pick up sushi, order pizza, make roast beef sandwiches, and go to the Cheesecake Factory.  I think it’s time to get back to it, though.

This is what I’ve been doing in the meantime.

Do you think I have a coffee problem?  Rest assured that half of one of those cabinets is at least halfway filled with the remainder of my coffee accessories.

This is what Phoebe’s been doing in the meantime.

Eat Well and Savor.

Cheesy Zucchini Frittata

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You know I’m having a rough week when the dog is eating better than I am.  I’ve had to travel a few days this week and I had a friend visit from up north, so I’ve been eating out a little more than normal.  Phoebe doesn’t get restaurant leftovers, though, so I had to whip up this frittata.  I guess that depends on your definition of whip. 

This came from Rachael Ray’s magazine and she says to microwave the potatoes to so you can mash them and supposedly that will take eight minutes.  Maybe my microwave isn’t up to par, but it took a few more than eight minutes. 

I had some red pepper kicking around and a little cheddar; I added it for a little brightness. There’s just one problem with this recipe:  it only makes three servings, which means I’ll need to find something for her to eat on Saturday.

Here’s the recipe.

Eat Well and Savor.


Salmon Loaf

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There’s just no way to make that sound good.  Especially since this one was for the dog.  This is full of good things for my pumpkin:  oats, buttermilk, parsley, and of course the salmon.  Compliments of Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog

The book doesn’t specify, but for me this made two loaves. 

Another satisfied customer.

Eat Well and Savor.

Peas and Happiness

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If my work doesn’t slow down I’m going to have to start splitting meals with the dog.  This is Carrots-and-Peas Orzo from Rachael Ray.   The carrots are pureed to make a little sauce, add some cheese and you’re done.  It couldn’t be any easier than that.  As usual, I heard no complaints.  Phoebe loves her vegetables.  Like RR says:  Pups need their veggies, too. 

Eat Well and Savor.