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I am a court reporter by day (and sometimes night), which means I spend all my time editing the misspoken words of random witnesses (and sometimes attorneys).  What that means for this blog you ask.  Don’t expect perfection; nobody’s paying me to do this. 

I don’t want to get a book deal or become famous.  I do have an obsession with cookbooks and magazines and trying new recipes.   And I’m convinced that my friends on facebook don’t care about it to the degree that I do, so here I am.   This has been going on for years, so it’s a long story.  You should stay tuned.

I grew up on a farm in central Ohio = love of vegetables and home cooking.

I went to high school and had my first food-related job at a fast food and dairy bar in central Maine = lots of seafood and discovery of the Boston Shake (a shake with a sundae on top)

I lived about eight years in south Florida = Cuban food.  guava pastries, croquettes, and empanadas, oh my.  This is also around the time I discovered the Food Network and Cooking Light magazine.  And I also taught myself about nutrition and lost 70 pounds.  Those shakes had calories you know.

I moved back to Ohio and worked at Tucci’s, a fabulous restaurant in Dublin = wine and what we loosely described as California-style Italian.

Then came five long years in central Pennsylvania = misery.

Finally, Atlanta = I swear I was a southern belle in a past life.


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  1. Central PA = misery? Really?

  2. Your blog is fantastic! It sounds like you have had a very exciting journey so far.My facebook friends could care less about my cooking obsession too.:) Keep posting! I’ve nominated you for the “Oh So Fabulous award”, you can view the details at, Congrats, and happy blogging!


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