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Monday:  I hope y’all had a Happy Labor Day.   It started out dark and stormy around here, but the sun came out just in time for Phoebe’s walk.

Zinnias from my back yard:


Tuesday:  I was off today, but I vigilantly waited by the phone for The Call and it never came.

I ran a few errands and as a result I’m here with an official statement:  Enough with the pumpkins already.  People, it’s September, not October.  What about the humble apple?  Ever heard of Johnny Appleseed?  Why is everyone in such a rush for fall?  Sure, I love fall as much as the next person.  I mean, hello, it’s the beginning of holiday decorations and all.  But here I am thinking that I just got cheated out of a good summer because of excessive rainfall, so please keep your pumpkins to yourself.

Wednesday:  No work today.  All caught up; so no editing.  Here’s the question:  why haven’t I been in the kitchen?  I’m really not sure where my time has been going.  Unless you count the two hours I wasted today trying to figure out why my water wasn’t working.  Thank you, Useless HOA, for letting me know an inept crew was going to test the fire hydrants today.  Oh, and thanks to My Immortal Beloved for drinking all of the bottled water while I was in Nashville.

Thursday:  Here’s something you don’t want to hear while enjoying your morning latte with Kelly and Michael:  your tenant just moved out with no notice.   I guess it’s a good thing I had to work today.

Friday:  I finished reading Girl With a Pearl Earring and of course I had to watch the movie because Marnie and I are going to see the exhibit at the High Museum on Sunday.  As usual, the book was way better.  But no complaints about Colin Firth.

Saturday:   A while back Marnie told me that I would like Smitten Kitchen.  For some unknown reason I didn’t listen.  Recently I stumbled onto the site and discovered these Butterscotch Pudding Popsicles, and now I’m hooked.


Um, yes, I took a couple of bites out of one.  So good.

Sunday:  I made Hungry Girl’s Caramel White Chocolate Brownies.


Cake mix and a can of pumpkin = genius.

Marnie and I went to brunch at Another Broken Egg.  It was my first time there, but I’m obviously going to have to take Jake there some day.  It’s too cute and too close by.  And there are biscuits and gravy.

After that we headed down to Midtown and then turned around and came back.  There was some sort of something that caused the street to be closed down.  We would have had to walk two blocks to get to the High.  Perish the thought.  Let’s just say we didn’t have proper footwear.  The Girl With a Pearl Earring isn’t going anywhere for a few weeks.

Good Deed of the Week:  Become an organ donor.  Done.  I have been for a while now.  I’m not sure when I first signed up.  You would think something like that might be memorable.  For all I know it was because BJ gave her heart to Maxie on General Hospital.  And they say soaps don’t educate.  I’m mostly kidding, but I do tear up every year when they celebrate BJ’s birthday.

Eat Well and Savor.


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