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Tres Leches Boston Cream Cake

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If you think it looks gooey then you’re right.


Yeah, there are a few lumps in the chocolate.  So what.


Tres leches means three milks.  This is actually a cake mix that’s prepared with buttermilk; so if you ask me it’s four milks.  In my opinion, the sweetened condensed milk is the best milk.  Think about it.  Have you ever made anything with a can of that stuff that wasn’t freaking amazing.  Lately I’ve been putting it in my coffee.  Spread the word.


The chocolate on top is just a bag of semi-sweet chips that’s melted with half-and-half.

This recipe calls for an 18.25 ounce white cake mix.  I don’t buy a lot of cake mixes; so can someone please tell me when they got downsized to 15 or 16 ounces.  My guess is that it was sometime after I pulled this out of Coastal Living back in 2009.

Eat Well and Savor.


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  1. that picture made me drool with the chocolate running all over…..yum


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