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Fried Confetti Corn

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Warning:  This is not a light corn salad.


I guess the word fried and the bacon kind of gives that away.


As you know, I love the pretty colors.


Especially since that red pepper is one piece of the very small bounty from my garden.


That creamy goodness peeking out from under there is cream cheese, and a little half-and-half.  I actually used a block of reduced-fat cream cheese because I had it in the fridge.  Jake was none the wiser.


Just in case you couldn’t see all of the creamy goodness with all the bacon in the way.

One of my favorite dishes from my mom’s repertoire is creamed peas.  Of course I have to call her every Christmas and Easter when I want to make it; so I can’t give you the exact recipe right now.  I’m pretty sure it involves thickening butter and evaporated milk and then tossing in the peas.  Back in the day we would use fresh peas from the garden, but a bag of frozen works too.  Just so you know, the peas are not actually creamed/crushed, but they are encased in cream; so I guess that’s the reason for the name.

Anyway, the point is, I think this cream cheese version would work with peas too.  But you knew I would get to that after the rambling, didn’t you?

I almost forgot to tell you that this recipe came from Southern Living.  it was actually in the November issue, you know, for Thanksgiving.  I think it would be perfect with the turkey, but fresh corn is scarce that time of year, isn’t it?

Eat Well and Savor.



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