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Monday:  Well, my day started off just the way that I didn’t want it to; I got The Call.  I was supposed to be off work today, but, alas, I had to put on my super hero court reporter cape and run down the street.  C’est la vie.

Here’s the highlight of my day:


Not bad for a Monday, huh?  That’s right.  It’s a cucumber from my own little garden patch.  Just S&P and mayo on good old-school white bread.  Divine.

Tuesday:  I’ve spent the last few weeks reading Under the Dome.  I am a Stephen King fan from way back.  I’ve been recording the episodes of the show and I can’t wait to start watching them.

A few months ago I booked a villa at Walt Disney World for November.  My friend Avery and her husband are going to join us and bring their two-year-old daughter for her first trip!   For years our family has visited the week after Thanksgiving.  Today I realized that by mistake I booked for the week of Thanksgiving.  What ensued was hours of phone calls.  Stay tuned.  We may be eating turkey with Mickey.

Breakfast for dinner:  Apple-Cinnamon Waffles.   I needed a vehicle for my compote, you know.


When we had our yard spruced up it included an apple tree, so of course I had to pick up Karen Berman’s An Apple a Day.  We’ll be lucky if our little tree produces NEXT year, and I already want to make everything in this book.

Wednesday:  I made hummus and chips.  I used the base recipe from Skinny Dips.  A while back I froze some fresh lemon juice in an ice cube tray.  I think the juice cubes took on a life of their own because this hummus has the strongest lemon flavor ever.


I also started reading a new book.


Isn’t It pretty?  I was tempted to say purty like The Pioneer Woman would.


You like how I threw my manicure in there?  I had it done at Sugarcoat today.  The color is Cheeky Chops by Butter.


I love the flowers on every page.  You don’t get this kind of beauty from a Nook.  Well, maybe you do.  I’m just assuming you don’t.

Thursday:  I drove four hours to Nashville today.  The National Court Reporters Association convention was held at the Gaylord Opryland.  I stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way.  I only get fast food when I travel so those chicken tenders and waffle fries were a real treat.

NCRA held an opening reception.  I used my drink ticket and sampled three kinds of mac and cheese, and then I was under the covers by 8:00.  I really think age is creeping up on me, and I’m not even complaining.

Friday:  I spent 4.5 hours in a punctuation workshop, for the third year in a row.  Again, not complaining.  I also had a chance to go to dinner with my bosses and a couple of coworkers, I opted for room service.  I ordered the club, and after paying more for fees than the sandwich was worth, it arrived without cheese or bacon.  Hello?  That’s the whole point of a club.

Saturday:  I waited in line for an hour to get a new caricature done.  You may recognize this one:


I had it done two years ago at the convention in Vegas.  When the artist finished the other ladies standing in line commented on how it resembled a Disney princess.   I am not making that up.

Fast forward two years:


This is what I got this time.  When I showed the artist the one from two years ago he said something along the lines of “yeah, that one is more flattering.”  Isn’t aging great.  Notice how that’s a statement and not a question.

Sunday:  Time to go home, but I took a few snaps of the resort first.


This is just a couple of the waterfalls.


This place is huge.  In fact, it’s the largest resort in North America that doesn’t include gaming.


My best advice:  wear comfortable shoes.


Not that I did.

I arrived home this evening to my Immortal Beloved, by Faithful Pooch, and a pizza.  What more could you ask for?

Eat Well and Savor.




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