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Potato-Peanut Cakes

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I’m going to try to really focus and tell you about these little patties, but the truth is the memory of the prep is a little fuzzy, thanks to the sangria and the presence of my Lovely Assistant, Lily.  Not to mention I’m very distracted by the coverage of The Royal Baby.


This recipe is from Cooking Light’s Annual Recipes 2003.  I always find it amazing that I can keep a piece of paper around for ten years.  Even though I do have this book, I actually pulled the recipe out of the July 2012 issue of the magazine.

You should know that there’s a very important word missing from the title.


It’s also missing from this picture:  bacon.  First you crisp up a slice of bacon and then you sauté all of the above in the grease.

Here’s the best part — and I never thought it would work, but you cook the whole potato for 15 minutes, and then you shred it with a cheese grater.  I really was surprised that the whole potato cooked so well.  Seriously, it shredded like butter.  It really makes me wonder why I spent all of my teenage years cutting up the potatoes for my mom to make mashed.


Toss in the peanuts and some scallions, and an egg to keep it all together.  Next time I make these I will actually form them into nice little patties.  I used the ice cream scoop and the second batch kind of fell apart a little.

You should also know that these are only 110 calories each.   That’s a Happy Ending.

Eat Well and Savor.


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