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Creamy Carrot Soup

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The first time I ever had carrot soup was at the Hershey Spa.


It was so thick and creamy I thought for sure it was not good for me, which did not go with the light and healthy theme at the spa.

Well, thanks to Elizabeth Bard and Lunch in Paris I now know the truth.


I know Bugs Bunny would be proud.  And I feel like I can see for miles.


Here’s a little secret:  I didn’t even peel them.

Just sauté an onion or two in olive oil for seven to ten minutes and then add the carrots.  Then cook all of that, partially covered, for 30 minutes.


Add a few cups of chicken broth and give it a good puree with your favorite wedding present; that is, if you got an  immersion blender, like me.  Then add a few more cups of chicken broth and a cup of milk, along with a touch of ginger and voila.  Give it another puree and you can add more chicken broth if you like until it reaches your preferred consistency.

Now, EB didn’t call for it in the recipe, but I definitely topped it off with a  little bit of salt.  And I’m sure it’s not very French of me, but I did add a few Town House crackers to my bowl.  Cut me some slack, they were reduced fat and I’ve had a box kicking around since Christmas.

Eat Well and Savor.



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