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Classic Italian Lasagna

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What’s a girl supposed to do with 1.5 pounds of ricotta cheese?


On another note, I’m always telling my husband that he just doesn’t deserve me.  Just look at that cheese.


This recipe is from Giada’s Everyday Italian.  I made her Béchamel Sauce too.  Even though I have an aversion to thickening things, it turned out to be a pretty easy sauce.


That’s the perfect thickness test, so they say.


The perfect marriage.  Just like chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t worry.  It’s not thousand island dressing, just marinara and béchamel.


This was the most amazing, yet average, lasagna I’ve ever made.  I say average because there’s really nothing out of the ordinary.  No sausage, just beef and that old ordinary box of frozen spinach.

But it starts out with the usual sauce on the bottom and then noodles.  Then ALL of the ricotta and top with spinach.  Then noodles again and ALL the ground beef with more sauce and then a little mozzarella. Lastly, more noodle and a lot more mozzarella with some parmesan.


Every other lasagna I have ever made mixed the ricotta and spinach together and then split up the layers a couple of times.  Why the heck do you need all that extra work?


Look at the crispy edge.  In the past the lasagnas I’ve made have been covered in foil and the uncovered for the last few minutes.  This one is uncovered for the whole 45 minutes at 375.


Sorry.  This is a much better picture.


I had to use the bird paper because the second this came out of the oven I just wanted to sing.


I just could not stop taking pictures.


Eat Well and Savor.





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