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Sweet Potato-Macaroni Souffle

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I’m not sure how you can call this a souffle, but it’s totally amazing so I will let it slide.  This is pretty much one of those recipes where what you see is what you get.


Start with a layer of mashed sweet potatoes.


Then a layer of macaroni and cheese.  I’m sure you have both of these just lying around.


And just in case you don’t think there’s enough cheese in there you can add some more.


I made a little sample so that Jake could taste test, but of course I had to have a bite first.  It was hard to stop at just one.


Here’s the best part:  it makes two 8-inch cheesecakes.  Well, it’s not really a cheesecake, but you do use springform pans and it does look like a dessert.


It truly is a thing of beauty.


I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.


Clearly I’m in love with this dish.


Doesn’t it look great with my beautiful flowers?


My wonderful friend Marnie gave them to me.


She made the perfect choice.


They perfectly matched my new patio furniture and my new drink cart and this mac and cheese.   We were supposed to have a little soiree in our newly renovated backyard, but the 30-degree weather and snow flurries chased us inside.


I forgot to mention that this recipe is from Atlanta magazine.  I like to file that away in the I’m embracing my Southern Belleness category.

Eat Well and Savor.





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