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Chicken Marsala

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I honestly wasn’t too jazzed about this dish.


But just look at how juicy it is.


It all started very humbly.


To think I used to not like mushrooms.  Maybe I’ve told the fascinating story of how when I was eight we went out for Chinese food and I ate soup with mushrooms.  Loved them ever since.  The End.


So simple and so pretty.


Are these the smallest chicken breasts ever?


Just four ounces each.  Ellie Krieger suggests five ounces in Comfort Food Fix.  I usually pay the extra money for the Perdue chicken that’s packaged individually.  The other day Publix only had the version with Italian seasoning.  Seriously, people?  As a society we’ve become so pathetic that we can’t even pour salad dressing onto chicken anymore?  Here’s the ironic end to this little ditty:  these teeny chicken boobies — as my mother used to say — are the brand that Paula Deen is promoting.  For real.  Her picture is even on the bag.   I guess she’s taking her new image to heart.


BTW – I learned a little something about Marsala wine.  Apparently you can keep it in the fridge for months.


Yes, I do realize that a ditty is supposed to be sung.  For all you know I was singing as I was typing.  You should try it.

Eat Well and Savor.



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