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Strawberry and Lemonade Whoopie Pies

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


I am here to tell you that these are not whoopie pies,  Just because you put filling in between something that purports to be cake does not make them whoopie pies, even if there is marshmallow fluff in said filling.

Here’s where my trouble began.


Who could go into a cooking store and not be tempted by this book?

I should have known that I was headed for trouble when the batter wasn’t even close to resembling the picture in the book.


There’s actually pureed frozen strawberries and powdered drink mix in there, but I think some good old red food dye was in order.


They look normal enough, don’t they?


Do not be decieved.


They totally stuck to the pan and they’re crunchy.  Do I really need to say whoopie pies are not supposed to be crispy?


I finally resorted to just putting them on a cookie sheet.  After two batches I just couldn’t take it anymore and I made one big one.


And then I turned it into a true Valentine dessert for Jake.


I should also mention that I wasn’t impressed with the filling either.  It called for lemon oil — which I couldn’t find anywhere — lemon juice, and lemonade drink mix.  I actually thought the drink mix was an ingenious way to get a rainbow of flavors.  Frankly, I left out the oil and the juice because the kool-aid was pretty strong.

And don’t go feeling sorry for Jake because he’s getting kitchen rejects for Vday.  Check out what I found at Publix.


I will admit that I am dying to try that coconut doughnut on the cover, so I haven’t given up completely on this book.  Usually when a recipe goes awry there’s a telltale sign that I ignore and that just wasn’t the case this time.  When it comes to the doughnuts I will tred lightly.

Eat Well and Savor.


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