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Lady Baltimore Cake

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Here’s where my trouble begins:


Of course when you have this adorable Christmas cake stand then you want to make a cake.  Then when you have Clementine Paddleford’s The Great American Cookbook you want to make a layer cake from the Carolinas.  Seems easy enough.

You know your cake’s going to be great when there’s three cups of sugar in the recipe.  It all went downhill pretty fast, so I only have the before picture on the batter.


Two 9-inch cakes?  Check.

Time to make the filling/frosting.  Pecans, raisins, and figs.  This is the closest I am getting to figgy pudding.  Soak them in a little brandy.  How bad could that be?


Well, I think this is where things started to go awry.  Next time a recipe says finely chopped I am dragging out the food processor.  I neglected to mention that it’s two cups each on the raisins and pecans.  Translation:  that’s a lot of filling.

Next problem:  I have an innate need to follow recipes.  CP did not say that you need to make your two layers into four.  Even though I suspected all that filling just wasn’t going to work crammed into the middle I just had to try.  Needless to say, the whole thing pretty much oozed off the cake stand before I could take any pictures.


I know.  It looks pretty gross in person too.  Fortunately I was not expecting company.  The frosting is the kind made with boiled sugar-water and egg whites.  That’s just not my favorite, so that didn’t help matters.  The cake itself was fab, though.

Eat Well and Savor.





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