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Huevos and Potatoes Rancheros

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Who knew you could bake a potato in 15 minutes?


Obviously the trick is to slice it.


I think I needed a bigger plate; my egg whites runneth over.


Just add fat-free cheese and enchilada sauce and top it off with cilantro.  Voila.  You will have an amazing healthy under-400-calorie breakfast, or in my case late lunch.  I did leave out the scallions, as suggested in the recipe by Christine Avanti.

I finally finished Sharon O’Connor’s Wine Tasting series and I’m ready to move on to a new book.  It took me a while to decide.  I was considering Martha Stewart’s American Food, or maybe something southern-centric.  I finally settled on Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads.  As you can probably tell by all the baked goods around here I need all the healthy stuff I can get.  Besides, the last time I made a CA recipe she kindly posted it on her facebook page.  Let’s just say I’m still waiting to hear from Martha.

In other news:  Today is my one-year blogiversary.  Sorry.  I don’t have a speech prepared or anything.  I do appreciate every view and like and comment and follower.  I really enjoy seeing where those views come from.  When I started this little venture it never occurred to me that someone in France, or Australia, or even Angola would read my words . . . and you have!   I hope I’ve encouraged just one of you to get into the kitchen.   If I can cook then so can you.

Eat Well and Savor.


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