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Braised Beef with Red Wine, Garlic, and Thyme

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I made this so long ago I can barely remember it.

I had a pretty busy workweek.  I hate when my paycheck gets in the way of my cooking.  Not to mention the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

I do remember that it was delicious.  I also remember that you need to clear your calendar for this one.  It has sits in the oven for about four hours.  The trick is to choose a good red wine and make sure you get more than one bottle.  I opted for Barolo.  It really helped to pass the time.

This is from Elizabeth Bard and Lunch in Paris.  She said something along the lines of this not being your grandmother’s pot roast.  The thing is my grandmother never made pot roast.  My mom used to make some kind of roast in an electric skillet with some really good browned potatoes.  I don’t recall any red wine being involved, and I’m pretty sure I used to put ketchup on it.  Ah, I’ve come so far.


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A court reporter who likes to cook, and travel, and go to the spa, and read, and spoil her dog.

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  1. That looks very good and hardy. Enjoy your recipes all the time.


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