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Cod with Herb-Stuffing Crust

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I was planning a nice little game of guess what that breading is made out of, but that’s been spoiled by the name of the recipe.

This is a Bon Appetit recipe from a mini book that I think I got because I subscribe.  It’s called everyday meals.  Frankly, I really didn’t think BA printed recipes that are simple, but this one is.   It just bakes in the oven.

In the interest of being calorie smart I made Hungry Girl’s Broc ‘n Ginger Tuna Bowl for lunch today.  It is not fancy, and honestly I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I have that insatiable need to try things.  It turned out okay.  Of course there’s more to the story.

My job was 9:00 to 4:00 today.  I do not care for rising before the sun.  It seems that the only time jobs start at 9:00 is when an out-of-state attorney is involved.  It turns out we finished at 2:00, so I can’t really complain, much.  Anyway, they wound up ordering lunch from the Corner Bakery.  This is an uncommon occurrence.  Because of the 9:00 start and the fact that I couldn’t find the building, my usual routine of eating my cereal once I arrive in the parking garage kind of didn’t happen.   Short story long:  I ate my breakfast at lunch, took home a box lunch for my honey, and like a ravenous animal polished off the broccoli and tuna while exiting the garage.

Now, even though I didn’t think the tuna bowl looked so great — didn’t even take a picture for you — and I figured it was the stinkiest combination ever, the young male parking attendant commented on how good it looked and wanted to know where I got the recipe.  I was impressed that he knew all about Hungry Girl and he swore he was going to make it tonight.

The recipe couldn’t be easier.  I do sound like a broken record.

3 cups of steamed broccoli

5 oz tuna

2 TB low-fat sesame ginger dressing  – I used Paul Newman\

Eat Well and Savor.


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