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Cheesy Bacon Potato Skins

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I think I just hit three out of five food groups.

Four, if you count that big lump of sour cream.   Obviously this is not health food.  In the interest of branching out, I picked these at random out of one of those Betty Crocker mini magazines that they have at the checkout.  This one is aptly called It’s Summer!  I did not insert that exclamation point.  As a general rule, court reporters do not use exclamation points in transcripts.  I think that’s why every text, e-mail, or note card that I write includes at least two.

Anyway, turns out that this recipe actually comes from Robert Cowling, Blog Chef.   I’m glad that I discovered that, because I wasn’t convinced that the cooking times were right in the mini mag.  But I’m jumping ahead a little.

Here’s how it all began:

This picture really doesn’t serve a purpose, but I love a reason to show off some crispy bacon.

After a little baking in the mike you scoop out the insides and reserve them for another use.  In my house that use is Phoebe’s dinner.  Then you brush them with a mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder,  paprika, and Parmesan cheese.

Now here’s my favorite part:  deep fry for five minutes.

Seriously, I have used the deep-fry method more in the last couple months than I have in the last 25 years!  Exclamation point intended.

Isn’t it totally worth it?

This is where my skepticism kicked in.  The recipe said something about baking them with the skins up first and then filling them and then baking them again.  That seemed like a lot of baking for little guys that had just been deep fried.  I went with the version from the Blog Chef.

He didn’t disappoint.

I should note that I bought a lovely citronella candle with a fresh rain scent from Barnes and Noble.  I went on and on about it all day.  When I was frying the bacon Jake came down the stairs and informed me that we should find a candle that can recreate that aroma.  I think he might be on to something.

Eat Well and Savor.


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