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Christine’s High-Protein Pumpkin Ginger Pancakes

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I know.  You’re dying to know who Christine is.  But first I guess I should apologize.  I know today is the day to post about barbecues and red-white-and-blue desserts.  Pancakes, let alone pumpkin pancakes, do not shout out patriotism and the American way.  I feel justified in that I have been eating watermelon salad all week, and not only did I have a hot dog today, but I also had a s’mores, albeit a s’more with a coconut marshmallow.  Please don’t hold any of this against my pancakes.

Christine is Christine Avanti and her book is Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads.  I’m going to randomly incorporate some new books into the routine and this is the first.  Surprisingly, out of my 15 shelves of books, only three of them are diet books.  This is one diet that I never really got around to trying, but with a breakfast like this I think I missed out.  I guess a few years ago CA was making the rounds on the talk shows and my friend saw her and recommended the book.  I totally get her concept.  Anytime that I dieted I never really felt hungry or deprived, except of a social life because I packed/made every morsel and had no room for flexibility because I had to do the treadmill six days a week and sometimes 90 minutes a day.  Sorry, PTSD kicked in.  Anyway, here’s a sample menu from this book:  Apple Maple Pecan Parfait for breakfast, turkey sandwich, carrots, and fruit for lunch, Grilled Chicken Wrap for a snack — that’s right, snack — filet mignon with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes for dinner!  For reals, that’s a diet plan.

Enough about that, back to the pancakes:  The high protein part comes from protein powder.  Maybe there’s been advances in this stuff over the years.  I don’t remember being fond of them in the past, but this one was yummy.  Perhaps it was because it was mixed with vanilla soy milk.  The other secret ingredient is yogurt, and of course the pumpkin.  After that it’s just your normal pancake . . . until you get to the butter.

Crystalized ginger and butter.  Now why didn’t I think of that?

Not only is that real butter, but real maple syrup is included too.  All this for 376 calories.  Of course that doesn’t count the mimosa.  Hey, it’s a holiday, I deserve it.

Happy Independence Day!

Eat Well and Savor.


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