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A Noble Marzipan Cake

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I think I may have unwittingly sold my soul to the Baking Gods on this one.

It may not look like much here, but this is literally a slice of heaven from Lisa Yockelson and Baking Style.

This is how it all began:  12 ounces of marzipan, which I learned is actually slightly different from almond paste.

Add some slivered almonds and powdered sugar, grind away, and you get this:

LY says it should look like coarse, damp sand.  I don’t know about that, but it sure smelled good.

Speaking of smell, along with the expected cake ingredients — butter, flour, sugar, FIVE eggs — there is vanilla and almond extracts AND Fiori di Sicilia.  I know, Huh?  I have never heard of it before either.  I finally found it at my new favorite Web site: King Arthur Flour.   It’s a combination of citrus and vanilla with a pleasingly floral aroma.  Yeah, I just cut and pasted that from KAF.  If you ask me, it’s the essence of a creamsicle.  Actually, even better, it’s an orange freeze.   If you don’t know what that is, go out right now and get yourself an Orange Crush and some vanilla ice cream and make a shake out of it.  Then write me back and thank me for introducing you to such a wonderful summertime treat.

Here’s what heaven looks like in the pan before it’s cooked:

You can tell it’s a little grainy, just waiting to hit the oven so that marzipan can melt.   It comes out super soft and extra moist.

Eat Well and Savor.


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