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Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Toasted-Almond Pesto

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If you’d asked me this morning if I was excited about making this dish the answer would have been a big no.

But it was fairly easy and it turned out to be very pretty.   In addition to the almonds, the pesto has basil AND arugula.  Tonight we used it to top the chicken, some leftover pasta, and a baked potato.  Frankly, I swirled my roasted zucchini around in it a bit too.

Shame on me, I almost forgot to mention the parmesan that’s swimming around in there.   Earlier Jake said something along the lines of not liking to eat the color green, but he conceded that this was wonderful.

The chicken was simply browned, wrapped in the prosciutto, and baked in the oven.   Speaking of the prosciutto, the one I had in the fridge seemed a little suspect, so I sent Jake to the Kroger to pick some up from the deli.  Fortunately, I had this little guy to keep me company while I waited.

This is Murray.  I picked him up at the airport in Maine.  He’s taking care of my chardonnay for me.  Wouldn’t you love to open your fridge and find Murray in there?  I figured since this recipe is from the Wine Tasting section of Sharon O’Connor’s Music Cooks then I should at least drink some wine.  Yeah, right.  Like I need an excuse to drink the wine.

Eat Well and Savor.



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