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Yogurt Cake

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I really wish this had a fancier name.  Even the French translation doesn’t do it justice:  Gateau au Yaourt.

It may not even look fancy, but I assure it is moist on the inside and has a sugary crunch on the outside.

And it couldn’t have been easier to make.  Nothing fancy here.   Just the usual cake ingredients with a little lemon zest.  And don’t forget the apricots.

When I diligently took the time to arrange these it didn’t occur to me that they would disappear.

This is from Elizabeth Bard’s Lunch in Paris.  She said to line the pan with parchment paper, but I took the easy route and used the springform pan.

In case you’re wondering, I will be having this for breakfast.  And I’m not the least bit ashamed.

Eat Well and Savor.




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  1. Wow, it looks so yummy! =)


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