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Berry-Bourbon Pork Tenderloin

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I recently decided that I need to drink more.   I discovered during my recent unpacking that I have the glassware to support a pretty healthy habit.  Granted, I can’t drink the pork, but there’s plenty of bourbon left in the bottle.

In case you’re wondering, the berry in question is blackberry, as in jam.  I am seriously looking forward to my next pb&j.  This recipe came from Family Circle magazine.  It’s not dated, so who knows how long ago I added it to the file.  Family Circle is not one of my usual subscriptions, so there must have been something interesting on the cover.  This is actually listed in the Healthy Family Dinners section.

I went to the FC Web site so I could add the link, but they make you sign in.   I’ve never been to this particular site before, but they had the recipe.

We also had some Garlic Roasted Potatoes.  Not your usual version, of course.  These have artichokes too.

Ironically, another one from Family Circle.  It’s basically two pounds of little potatoes, 18 ounces of thawed artichokes, 8 halved garlic cloves, and 1/4 cup of oil.  Roast for 40 minutes at 425.  FC said stir once, but I recommend twice.  Toss with lemon juice/zest and parsley.  Serve warm.

Eat Well and Savor.



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