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Scampi on Couscous

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I know that doesn’t sound very exciting.  I think that’s because Giada forgot to mention the tomato broth in the title.   This recipe came from Everyday Italian.

Jake gave this a 9.  I lost a point because of bad plating technique.  I’ve learned that my need for perfectionism is far outweighed by my impatience.   You get the idea, though.

This tomato broth is incredibly easy.  It’s just the usual suspects:  onion, carrot, garlic, tomato.  Then simmered with wine and the surprise guest:  clam juice.   I guess it makes sense; when you’re making shrimp, you don’t invite chicken to the party.  The couscous is cooked with the broth and the shrimp is just scampi.  Who knows the Italian equivalent of voila?  I am already trying to figure out another way to use this broth again.  It reminds of a tomato emulsion that we used to serve with chorizo-crusted grouper at Tucci’s, so that’s on my list.

In an unrelated matter, my cousin posted this conversation with her two-year-old on facebook today.  I couldn’t resist sharing.

Question: What do squirrels eat?

Dylan’s Answer: Acorns.

Question: What do rabbits eat?

Dylan’s Answer: Chicken nuggets.

I placed a formal request that she keep those rabbits on her side of town.

Eat Well and Savor.



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