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Sausage and Potato Lasagna

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I am home, sweet home, back in Georgia.  I actually was home last night, after three nights in Presque Isle, Maine.

Before I left I had to make something for Jake that would last a few days.  I knew that the 9×13: The Pan that Can book was the place to go.  It’s a compilation from Better Homes and Gardens, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet.  There’s a chapter for just lasagnas.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s a separate chapter for cakes, bars, and brownies.

This isn’t a traditional lasagna.  Instead of noodles it uses potatoes.

But there’s spinach and ricotta in there.   And the sausage/mushroom layer has a nice little bechamel.

And let’s not forget the cheese.  This kept Jake going for a few days while I was gone.

And this is how I spent my morning in the Old Port.

I stopped by the Two Fat Cats Bakery.  I have to admit, I had a hard time deciding and finally had to go with the classic.

After a few hours of shopping in the rain I headed up to Freeport for some more, shopping in the rain, that is.  Actually, I think the rain had stopped.

I decided to Listen to Rachael Ray just one more time.  I should have let her end on a high note, though.   I went looking for Harrakeeset Lunch and Lobster.  My GPS told me it was on Main Street, which was true; it was just on Main Street in South Freeport.  I went a little bit out of the way, and I guess it was worth it.  It certainly wasn’t the best lobster roll ever, but it wasn’t bad.  And the ambience was exactly matched to the old ice cream place I used to work at in high school.

A few notes about my Maine adventure:  on the walkway from the plane they have a little welcome home sign with a lobster.  I thought that was a nice touch.

On top of that, before you even get to baggage claim there’s a sign advertising wicked-good whoopie pies.

Also, the whole 5-hour drive to Presque Isle, and during the extra hour that my niece chauffeured me up to Fort Kent, is littered with moose crossing signs.  Now, let’s not forget that I used to live in Maine, so I should not be so enamored with the touristic moose.  (I was convinced I made up that word, touristic, but spellcheck says no.  I just hope I used it correctly.)  Those little warning signs may as well have been billboards.  I felt that someone was promising me a moose.  Well, it never happened.  I did, however, see two deer, a couple of turkeys, and what I swear was an eagle’s nest on top of a light pole.

Well, I guess you could count this guy that I saw at the airport.

Eat Well and Savor.




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