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Cheeseburger Mashed Potato Parfait

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Comin’ at you live from Portland, Maine.  More about that later.

First, I had this Hungry Girl recipe for lunch today before I left the warmth of my homestead.  I was really looking forward to it, mostly because it was reminiscent of the potato martinis we had at our wedding reception.  These were basically the same idea, except these have a veggie burger hiding in there.

Also, I’m pretty sure they didn’t use ketchup on the martinis.

I am not knocking the ketchup. In fact, I often use it on macaroni and cheese and I’m pretty sure that in my youth I applied it in the same manner to mashed potatoes.

All in all, another hit from Lisa Lillien and 300 Under 300!

In other news:  I am heading up to Fort Kent tomorrow for my niece’s graduation.  I flew into Portland instead of Bangor because 20 or so years ago I used to live here and I wanted to be a tourist for a day.

Tonight I went to dinner at the Pepperclub.   With all the choices in this area how is a girl to narrow it down?  First, it was two blocks away.  Second, Rachael Ray suggested it.

A word or two or a hundred about RR:  I don’t love her.  But back before she became overexposed I used to watch $40 a Day.  I’m all about the travel.  And, of course, I had to buy the book.  I’ve visited a few of her suggestions:  the Adirondacks, Saratoga, and Cooperstown.  Frankly, I wasn’t impressed.   The Pepperclub was her redemption.

This place was adorable.  I was intending to sit at the bar, but there wasn’t one.  It’s a tiny little cafe with friendly wait staff.  I started off with some Pinot Noir and a spring roll.  I would love to post a picture, but my battery died.  Before I made it to the spring roll, though, I had a plate of bread.  I believe they said it was honey wheat.  Whatever the name, it was heavenly.  I hear they turn it into English muffins too.  With my second glass of wine I went for the corn fritters with zucchini, quinoa, and black beans.  Said beans were a little spicy for me, but the rest was delish.  After that I was pretty full, but I still came home with some sea salt truffles.  Lucky for you my camera was ready and waiting.

Even in the to-go box they are as cute as two peas.

I swear that was the best sea salt EVER.

Eat well and Savor.



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