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Stuffed Mushrooms

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Here’s a story.  I wish I was clever enough to make something rhyme with a man named Brady.  Alas, this is just the story of mushrooms from Giada and Everyday Italian.

Shame on me for not being patient enough to get a picture without the glare from the flash.  But let me tell you how yummy these are.  These are simply stuffed with bread crumbs and romano cheese with some parsley, garlic, and mint.  And you barely notice the mint.

These were so good that we are going to have to expand Jake’s Big 3 to include mushrooms.    He must have said five times how these make the perfect appetizer.  I must agree, because there are perfect at room temperature.

GDL says that you should use 28 mushrooms.  Well, I picked up four six-packs and the filling fit nicely into the 24 mushrooms that we had.  I feel I should divulge that there is less than two six-packs leftover.

As the story goes, I needed something for dinner that would go with the mushrooms.  I opted for some chicken sausage wrapped in crescent rolls.   As far as Jake was concerned, you would think that I was Julia Child and those sausages were the greatest culinary discovery of the decade.

While I was at Whole Foods picking up said sausage, I noticed a nice mound of green beans and decided I should throw together our favorite go-to recipe from Cooking Light 2006:  Basic Pot of Pole Beans.  Even though I don’t repeat a lot, this one is quick and easy and makes Jake happy.  Even better today, since I had some leftover pancetta.

Sorry.  I didn’t think the sausage was camera-worthy, but here’s the beans, and the recipe.

Add a bottle of chardonnay and a perfect evening was had by all.   Even Phoebe.  Since Jake has been home I haven’t been cooking for her as much, but here she is, resting happily, all wrapped up in her snake toy.

Eat Well and Savor.


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