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Well, last month I was surprised to learn that, in addition to the active dry yeast that my mom used to buy to make pizza dough, there is such a thing as fresh yeast.  Now I have discovered that there is, in fact, another yeast known as instant.   In theory, the instant part sounds great.  In reality, I can only assume that the packet I picked up was expired;I couldn’t find a date on it.  Even though I found it at Whole Foods, it was a German brand.  Whatever the reason, my dough did not rise. 

Of course I couldn’t accept defeat and I baked it anyway.  And in true fashion of my loving supportive husband, he ate it anyway.    Actually, I had a slice too.  It was pretty good, except for the crust.  I’ve been dying to use up that rosemary honey, so I couldn’t resist.

Those are flaxseeds hanging out in there. 

This came from Jennifer Reese and Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.  Trust me, when she tells you to use metal pans, trust her.  I have one of each and I practically had to use a crowbar to get the loaf out of the glass pan.

I am certainly going to try this one again.  I took the plunge and ordered a one-pound sack of instant yeast from King Arthur. . . and maybe there were a couple of other items in my cart at the time of checkout.

In other news:  We had our closing today on our new house!   More about that later.  To celebrate our new life on a budget, we went to the Ok Cafe.  I was more than pleased when the pickle chips were delivered to the table.

Eat Well and Savor.


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