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Pasta a la Gwendal

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This is basically one of those recipes where you clean out the fridge and throw it in your pasta.  Of course I didn’t have lardons in the fridge, so I had to get a hunk of pancetta. 

This is one more from Elizabeth Bard and Lunch in Paris.  Gwendal is her husband’s name.  I found it quite amusing that she did the old “some names have been changed to protect privacy” but her husband didn’t get so lucky. 

It really pays to write things down.  In this case to blog them I guess.  I’m beginning to learn that I’m smarter than I think.  I just need to learn to listen to myself.  I’m quite anal about following the directions, even when in doubt.  Hey, I figure these people wrote books, not me.   I knew the pancetta wouldn’t get crispy if I followed directions, but I did it anyway. 

Hiding in there with the obvious zucchini and carrots is some fennel, and sun-dried tomatoes too.   At first I thought there was way too many vegetables, but it wound up being a nice balance.  The recipe says it serves four, but I think it’s going to be a few more servings than that.   

Eat Well and Savor.


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