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Charlotte aux Abricots

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Elizabeth Bard, in her book Lunch in Paris, calls this a “Student” Charlotte.  I assume that’s because it was so simple.  Literally, assembly.  Her word and mine.  I’m always telling my friends that sometimes cooking is just assembling and there’s no skill required.

Start out with your ladyfingers in a casserole dish, or a saucepan, but you’ll have to read her book to find out the details on that one.

Add some fromage blanc.  That’s my favorite cheese from France.  I’ve been able to find it lately at Whole Foods, but it is expensive.  Elizabeth says that you can use Greek yogurt instead.

Then a layer of apricots.  Seriously, it’s not egg yolks.

Top with more ladyfingers, and the most important part, some of the heavy syrup from the apricots.

Repeat the layers two to three times and refrigerate.  Elizabeth says it needs to chill for 12 hours.  I couldn’t wait that long, but it was delish after eight.

I should add that this is in the Recipes for Seduction section and the serving size indicates 4 to 6, or 2 sex-crazed individuals.   Also, we had this for dessert, but the books says it’s great for breakfast, brunch, or a casual dinner.  I assume that still means as a dessert.

Since my husband has been home I’ve somehow managed to get him hooked on Downton Abbey; he affectionately refers to it as the butler show.  We were watching a movie in between episodes and about halfway through I mentioned that I can’t stop thinking about Charlotte.  Of course, I was referring to the dessert.  He thought I was referring to a character on DA and immediately went for the remote in order to stop the movie and start the butler show.

Eat Well and Savor. 



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