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Verbena Ice Cream

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I think I said last time that this Laduree book would be the death of me. 

Well, this month I went in search of fresh verbena leaves.  It’s much more difficult than it sounds.  I thought for sure my Whole Foods, but not so much.  Then I thought, well, DeKalb Farmer’s Market, for sure.  So I high-tailed it over to Decatur the other day.  Well, not so much.  Then I went to my neck of the woods to the Cobb Farmer’s Market.  I was very impressed with all the leaves I did find, but no verbena.  Then I went to the Internet.  It seems that most often you just buy the plant at the nursery.  So I called Pike’s.  Again, not so much.  They told me to try back in a few weeks.  At this point I had pretty much given up.  I have plenty of other things to make, let’s just chuck Laduree Sucre.  Then I decided to check the plant section of Whole Foods, and there they were.

It actually took three plants to get to one ounce.

All chopped up and no place to go. 

Well, except to steep with the milk and cream.

Nothing much to do except mix with the egg yolks and sugar.

This was zingy and refreshing and, as always, worth the effort.

Eat Well and Savor.


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  1. Love lemon verbena and have some in the herb garden out back. The ice cream sounds delicious!


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