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I guess the whipped cream is a bit of a giveaway when it comes to figuring out that this is a dessert, but I think I’m a little tipsy from the rum. 


This is from Laduree Sucre.  I think this book is going to be the death of me.  First, I had to find mini savarin molds.  Then I had to find rhum agricole.  After some research I discovered that it’s rum from sugar cane instead of molasses.  Who knew?  So the rum wasn’t that much of a problem once I figured out what it was.  The real challenge was the fresh yeast.  I definitely didn’t know about that one.  I thought for sure Whole Foods would have it, or surely the Fresh Market.  No such luck.  After some serious Googling (actually I’m a Yahoo girl, but you get the idea)  I discovered they have it at Star Provisions!  Woohoo.  

Okay.  So I finally have everything I need, except some precise directions.  I guess I managed to muddle through, but I usually like more specifics.  You know, like the speed of the mixer, and do they cool in the pan.  I don’t think that’s asking a lot.  This line threw me:  fill the molds and then allow it to double and rise to the edge.  Well, if you fill them to begin with?  You see where I’m going.   I guess the moral is have confidence, because they were wonderful, light, and not too sweet.


This is the fresh yeast.  They only sell it in a 1-pound block and of course I only need 1/2 an ounce. 

Part of my confusion was from the fact that I knew I was making a cake, but because of the yeast, I was expecting a more breadlike consistency.  I left the dough to rise and crossed my fingers.  I figured if it had to go into a pastry bag then I couldn’t be too far off.

I obviously figured out the fill level.

This kept me busy while I waited for them to rise.   It’s the juice and rind of an orange and a lemon, vanilla bean, sugar, and water.  You can’t go wrong.  The orange and vanilla scent lingered all night.  And later you get to add some rum.

After 20 minutes in the oven they are beautiful and golden.

All that’s left is just soaking it in the rum juice.  The recipe suggested topping it with seasonal fruit, and in the picture they used a raspberry.  I went with the orange because it’s all I had.  Besides, the Barefoot Contessa says to garnish with what’s inside.

I wanted to take a bite, so I could show you the inside.  Sorry.  I was almost halfway through before I remembered to take the picture.

In addition to the rum mixed with the fruit, you top it with a little more rum before serving.    I think I am going to have to have  a second one.

Eat Well and Savor.


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