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Soup and Salad

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For a couple of years I worked at an amazing restaurant as a server.  We got  a 50 percent discount on meals, yet every day I would bring my own salad.  Do not misunderstand, the food was incredible and I dined there whenever I got the chance.  But if I were to eat pasta and pizza and bread every day it would not be pretty.  My salad was usually a combination of nuts and fruit and cheese; and it was often admired by the chef.  Ellie Krieger didn’t use fruit, but This Chicory Salad with Walnuts and Parmesan reminds me of those days.    My Publix didn’t have chicory, so this is actually green leaf lettuce.  The dressing is simply walnut oil, sherry vinegar, and Dijon mustard, and it’s perfect.  Another hit from The Food You Crave

Part 2 of this combo wasn’t so great.  I bought this Eating Well In Season book because many times I’ve come across a recipe in June that calls for fresh cranberries and you know that’s just not happening.  When I came across the Pork, White Bean & Kale Soup in the winter section I was excited.  I guess it turned out okay, but it seemed to have a lot more kale than the picture in the book.   Also, it called for plum tomatoes, uh, I don’t think those are in season.  Finally, I think the combination of smoked paprika and white wine just didn’t cut it.   In addition, my bad was picking a soup with kale to go with a salad.  That’s a lot of greens.

Eat Well and Savor.





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