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Beef Casserole

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I should say Bandit’s Beef Casserole to be exact.  This one is for Phoebe from The Natural Pet Food Cookbook.  That’s right.  I know you’re jealous.  Beef and cheese and a few vegetable thrown in.   What more could  a hungry little girl ask for?   This was a little heavy on the protein, so I added a side of leftover pasta.  I didn’t hear any complaints. 

As you may know, since it seems I like to talk about it whenever I get the chance,  I grew up on a farm in Ohio.  In our case that meant, among other traditional farm animals, we had several dogs.  At one point each one of the five kids had their own, in addition to my mom and one to spare.  Anyway,  I don’t remember having any issues with them.  But as a teenager in Maine my mom had an endless line of spoiled, annoying mutts.  Every single one of them begged at the dinner table.  I hated it.  There’s nothing worse than having a dog stare at you and breathe on your knee while you’re eating. 

In order to avoid this with Phoebe, she is allowed anywhere in the house except for the dining room chairs.  On top of that, she eats her dinner when we eat ours.  Even though she usually finishes first, she parks it on the couch until we’re done.  End result:  no begging at the table. 

However, lately I have noticed her hanging out in the kitchen when I cook in the evening.  She seems to know the days I cook for her.  Other days she’ll come out only when she hears her dish.  The point of all this is that in this picture, in addition to her usual camera avoidance, she is staring up at the counter waiting for the crazy lady with her dish to take a picture of her dinner.

And now that you see this yumminess can you really blame her?


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