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Henny’s Chicken Stew

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Sorry.   I don’t know who the hell Henny is.  But this recipe comes from The Healthy Dog Cookbook and I chose it because it’s supposed to be a light dinner.  Phoebe had her yearly visit to the vet  and she gained another pound.  My husband tells me I’m projecting my own issues onto her, and he might be right, especially since she’s always skinnier than any other Boston we run into. 

So I realize, now that I’ve been doing this for a couple of months, that Phoebe’s food is not very much fun to write about, or to photograph, but this is a great venue for shots of her.

She very much enjoyed this combo of barley and chicken with some yogurt and cantaloupe thrown in.  I added a little leftover sweet potato in there too.   The recipe called for peas, but I changed it up to green beans. 



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