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Grilled Thai Beef Salad

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This one is for all of you that made the eating-better resolution.  The beef marinated overnight and then I grilled it today and there you have it.  It was a wonderful flavor, but the salad was a little plain for me.  It was lettuce.  Okay, so it was supposed to have shallots too, but I left those out due to my raw onion hang-up.  It also called for basil and cilantro.  No problem on the basil, I have a little plant that I’ve managed to keep alive for a few weeks.  The cilantro was a different story:  I turned my fridge upside down.  I was convinced it was in there.  After all, I crossed it off my list in my usual anal manner.  I couldn’t imagine where it went.  No worries, I had already planned to pop into the Fresh Market and pick up some currants, so I could pick some up for the leftovers.  As I walked through the produce section, I remembered that the cilantro wasn’t in the fridge because I bought the potted version and it was sitting smack in the middle of the table in the kitchen.  I guess that’s what I get for eating my salad in the living room while watching TV. 

Compliments of Ellie Krieger and The Food You Crave.  Not the prettiest picture, but the dressing was sweet and tangy and served as the marinade as well.

Eat Well and Savor


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