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Yesterday the Cupboard Was Bare

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Well, actualy it was the refrigerator.  

My job yesterday was supposed to be 12 to 5, so of course I was hoping for a 12 to 3.  Unfortunately, one attorney was late, so we started at 2 and went until 8:30!  Needless to say, after my hour drive home I was not about to make Phoebe’s dinner, as I had planned.  The petsitter came by and mentioned that she didn’t feed her since it wasn’t a regularly scheduled visit and she knew I would be home.  I told her if she had checked, wait for it, that the cupboard was bare.  Phoebe had tuna and cheerios last night and peanut butter and a tortilla this morning. 

Tonight she waited patiently in the kitchen, after wrapping her blanket inexplicably around the bottom of the globe stand, while I prepared Meat-Me-in-the-Backyard Hash from Rachel Ray’s magazine.  It just required cutting up some veggies and mixing them with ground beef.  Here’s my problem with RR:  the recipe calls for a 1/2 pound of beef and doesn’t specify serving size.   As if that’s not bad enough, when I checked her web site it said that it’s one serving.   For Phoebe that’s three servings.  People, it depends on how big your dog is.  Seriously, I count her calories.  Don’t laugh at me, even though my petsitter laughed at me when I ran into her in the store and told her that.  But that’s okay, she can snicker, you can’t, because she has my Phoebe as her phone wallpaper. 

I realize her food isn’t fascinating, but she doesn’t care what it looks likes.  Along with the beef are potatoes, carrots, zuchinni, and apples.  And since I have some leftover blueberries, I added them to her serving. 

Fun Fact:  A dog’s noseprint is as unique as a human fingerprint.  Noseprints are now being used to identify lost or stolen dogs. 



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