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Best Grilled Cheese Ever

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More than once lately I’ve found myself saying something along the lines of this:  really, I need a recipe for that?  Apparently the answer is yes. 

Since I am picky about how I eat onions, I never would have thought to put caramelized onions on my sandwich.  Enter Ellie Krieger and The Food Your Crave.  The Sweet and Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich that I made wasn’t exactly spicy, though.  I also have an aversion to too much spice, so I whimped out and went with just Monterey jack instead of the pepper jack.  It was perfect for me, along with cheddar and tomatoes it was yummy.

Thanks to the conditioning of many years of school lunch, I must have tomato soup with my grilled cheese.  I managed to find a recipe for Fresh Cream of Tomato Soup with Basil in Weight Watchers Best Eats.  Lately I find myself foolishly making tomato recipes that would be way better in the summer.  Alas, that conditioning drove me to it. 

As a result, my tomatoes seem a little more orange than red.   But they look lovely boiling away with the leeks.

I cannot lie.  The end result was just okay, but it served its purpose. 

Rest assured, I will be picking up a jar of onion jam for the next time I make grilled cheese. 

Eat Well and Savor.


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