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The Dog’s Gotta Eat Too

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Tonight on Phoebe’s plate we have Savory-Sweet Chicken and Apple Loaf from The Natural Pet Food Cookbook.  I suppose I should say that this book also includes recipes for cats.  Well, I don’t really taste her food, although I could.  This is pretty much just like a meat loaf you would eat:  eggs, rice, carrots.  And then to jazz it up:  apples and pineapple, and some cheese.

And just in case you were dying to see what it looks like on the inside:

In other news:  I just flipped through about four years’ worth of Every Day with Rachael Ray.  I tore out a few things and put them in my newly organized monthly recipe file.   Not surprisingly, I have a few observations. 

First of all, I ended my subscription last year because a few subscribers were writing in and requesting nutrition information.  Let’s just say RR dodged the question.   On top of that, they changed some of their formatting and it just didn’t appeal to me anymore.   Also, like Oprah, I find it strange that she feels the need to put her picture on EVERY cover. 

Second, I’m not her biggest fan.  I started watching her travel shows, because, well, I like to travel.  I just couldn’t tolerate something about her; and 30 minutes or less has never been a goal of mine, so I don’t get into her cooking shows.  After looking at about 45 magazines in a week’s time, I noticed that the recipes are a bit pedestrian.  On top of that, I can only eat so much pasta! 

Finally, the best parts:  the burger of the month and a pet-friendly recipe.  Don’t get me wrong, I tore out a lot more than that, but it did all start to run together after a while.  Don’t think you’ll be seeing any of the people recipes anytime soon, they went in the back of the file and there’s a lot more in front of the line. 

Eat Well and Savor.


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A court reporter who likes to cook, and travel, and go to the spa, and read, and spoil her dog.

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  1. Lucky Phoebe. That looks delicious :o)


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