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Why Don’t I Make Waffles More Often?

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Seriously.  I got a waffle iron as a wedding present three years ago and I think I use it once a year.

Somewhere along the lines my family started having breakfast as Christmas Eve dinner.  Since Jake and I got married I kind of switched it up a little:  we have a romantic Christmas Eve for two, then Christmas Day breakfast, usually with his mom, and then we go to our friend’s house for dinner, and I get to bring the dessert.  Well, that’s all shot to hell this year, since we moved to Atlanta and Jake is in Egypt.  (He’ll be home int three months!) 

I thought breakfast was still in order though, so I went with Cocoa-Espresso Waffles.  It’s a Flat Belly recipe that I pulled out of Prevention magazine at some point, which I’m glad I did, since I checked all three Flat Belly books that I have and it’s not in there.  The recipe actually recommends that you drizzle with semisweet or dark chocolate, because they are MUFAs.  I’m pretty sure that my white chocolate doesn’t qualify, but I had some in the cabinet and I thought it was prettier. 

I don’t repeat a lot of recipes, and I’m not sure I will with this one, but I am going to save it for sure.

Eat Well and Savor


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