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Gone to the Dogs

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I apologize from the git-go that I am very tired and therefore may not make sense.

Phoebe’s dinner this week is the Gobble, Gobble Turkey Casserole from the Natural Pet Food Cookbook.  It is so easy to make healthy food for your dog.  I had some leftover turkey so this was perfect.  Add some rice and vegetables and that’s about all it takes.  Although I will say that this recipe called for clam chowder.  My girl loves tuna and other fish.  But I have to admit, once I gave her some leftover lobster and I think it was  a little too rich for her; she wound up with the rumbly-tumblies.  As a result, I steer clear of shellfish and ingredients with their own long list of ingredients, if you know what I mean.  Simple fix:  substitute cottage cheese. 

I know this doesn’t qualify as cooking, but here’s my dinner tonight:  fromage blanc.   I had to work from 5 to 9 tonight, so I didn’t want anything heavy.  Plus, I’ve been dying to have this for a while.  Back in September my husband and I went to France for 17 days.  Talk about Good Eats.   I know a little French, especially when it comes to food, so I thought I was all cool on our first night there when I ordered fromage blanc with raspberry coulis.  I thought, okay, white cheese with a little raspberry sauce on the side.  well, it came in a bowl with a spoon.  I was totally thrown by the etiquette of the situation, but man was it awesome.  As luck would have it, on our last night we had dinner at a cafe at the Louvre and lo and behold they had fromage blanc with dulce de leche.  OMG.  Even better.  well, needless to say, I’ve been on the hunt for some since my return.  It was actually a pretty easy find:  Vermont Creamery makes it and Whole Foods sells it.   Apparently it’s the French equivalent to yogurt, so I am pleased to inform you that an 8-ounce container is 120 calories.  It was wonderful topped with caramel sauce.

Eat Well and Savor


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