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Perfect Winter Stew

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and wine too!

Thanks again to Ellie Krieger and The Food You Crave.  Tonight I made the Lamb Stew with Orange.  Let me just tell you, it had a lot more than oranges.  Among other things:  chickpeas and red wine.   On top of that, it was a one-pot wonder, as opposed to a one-hit wonder I suppose.  Anyway, the wine was a highlight, because that means I have to finish the bottle.  I chose Sterling Merlot and was quite pleased.

I’m sorry to say that it isn’t really that photogenic, which is probably why there wasn’t a picture in the book.

In other news, I just finished reading My Sister’s Voice by Mary Carter.  It was excellent and I’m not just saying that because we went to elementary school together.  Really, I’m not.  However, I did buy it last year because a mutual friend posted it on facebook.  It seemed interesting and one of the main characters is a Deaf artist.   I worked with Deaf students for a while, so it’s a subject I find interesting.  hence, I added it to my pile.  Then a few month’s ago my Aunt Penny mentioned she was reading this book about twins and she told me the name.  I said, hmm, that sounds familiar.   who wrote it?  Mary Carter, she says.  To which I shouted, I went to school with her!   seriously, though, it was an interesting tale with some very funny parts and an ending that I didn’t see coming.  To me, that’s a recipe for a great book.  I will definitely add Mary’s other books to my pile.

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