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Pork loin and a bang

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After many successful years of calorie counting or weight watchers, last year I discovered the Flat Belly Diet.  Disclaimer:  my belly is not flat.  anyway, I love peanut butter and avocados, separately of course.  They are very high in points on WW.  enter FBD, four 400 calorie meals with healthy fats.  welcome back PB and avocados, not to mention chocolate and olives.  hence, tonight’s Guava Pork Tenderloin is from Liz Vaccariello’s 400 Calorie Fix.   I know it looks like a big sausage, but I think guava says it all.

Accompanying the pork loin was Ellie Krieger’s Asparagus with Mimosa Topping from The Food You Crave.  EK made it on her Thanksgiving show, but to me that’s where the green beans and corn pudding belong.   Like the good little farm girl that I am, I love my asparagus.  I prefer to have it roasted with a little parmesan or plain, so when EK put all this crap on there I was a little worried.   Shame on me.  She does not disappoint.  And for those that don’t know, which included me a week ago, Mimosa is a classic French topping with crumbled eggs, apparently because the yellow resembles a mimosa flower.  who knew?   this version also had fresh bread crumbs, parsley, and parmesan.  It was delish and also afforded me the first-ever opportunity/reason to grate a hard-boiled egg.  yes, I said grate, like with a cheese grater.  surprisingly, it was very easy. 

let’s not forget that I offered you a bang.  as I was heating the guava jelly I couldn’t help but notice, a little too late, that it wasn’t melting.  Here is one of the ceramic burner covers I use on my stove:

and this is what it looks like when you turn on the wrong burner:

It seriously sounded like a gunshot.  I must admit, this is not the first time this has happened. 

I did manage to have a happy ending:

Eat Well

 I can’t sign off without the court reporter in me commenting that grate is coming up as spelled incorrectly.   I think we need to reference a different dictionary.


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