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Gone to the dogs

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Yes, it’s true, I cook for my dog.  Before we got her I watched an episode of Cesar Milan and I was appalled to see this lady making turkey burgers for her dog.  I thought to myself, NO WAY.  well, my little darling had some tummy problems at about three months old and the vet said give her hamburger and rice.  She never really ate a lot of the dog food, but of course she licked the plate clean with the real food.  Then I started thinking, I don’t like to eat prepackaged food, so why should she.   My husband was deployed at the time, and as you’ve noticed, I like to cook.  so a dozen or so dog cookbooks later, Phoebe is in great shape and frequently gets compliments on her coat and physique.  She’s a five-year-old Boston Terrier, so that’s no easy feat. 

PLEASE don’t start feeding your dog just anything.  I spoke to a couple of vets and did a lot of reasearch before this.  There are a lot of things that are bad for dogs, so be careful. 

For the next four days Phoebe will be enjoying Roamin Holiday from Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way.   Obviously it’s pasta week around here; it’s basically doggie lasagna:  spinach, tomato, cheese, and pasta.  Typically I don’t taste her food, although I could.  It does smell amazing.  my husband is always jealous when I cook for her, and the petsitter says it looks so good she wants to try it.



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A court reporter who likes to cook, and travel, and go to the spa, and read, and spoil her dog.

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