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Even I can’t cook every day

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I am a firm believer in variety is the spice of life.  I seldom make the same thing twice and I am alway up for a new restaurant.  Well, I should say new to me.  I believe Casa Nuova in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been around for over 20 years.  I’ve only lived down here a little more than a year, so I rely on three sources for my restaurant selections:, Atlanta magazine, and my friend Marnie.  She’s from Birmingham and moved here shortly after me, but she’s been visiting for years – and she doesn’t cook, so she eats out a lot more than I do.  So when my friend Jane decided to come down from Chicago for a visit with her new boyfriend, Brad, I went straight to Marnie.  She may be a vegetarian, but she knows her restaurants.  Casa Nuova was all decked out for Christmas, right down to snowmen on the water glasses. 

so back to variety being the spice of life, I shamefully contradict that in most Italian restaurants . . . I usually order the eggplant parmiagana.  I can’t help it.  we did have the calamari too; it was perfectly and lightly fried.  I believe the owners are from Puerto Rico or some other Hispanic descent, which is how we wound up with flan for dessert.  it’s not my favorite, but this one was yummy!  I will be enjoying my leftover eggplant today for lunch. 

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