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I guess I’m really not Italian

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well, actually I know I’m not Italian.  My mom’s side is French and my dad’s side is German, with a wee bit of American Indian, which I love to mention whenever I get the chance.  However, I always say that my mom must have thought we were Italian; we always had homemade pizza and sauce and the like, not to mention that talking with your hands thing.  anyway,  the reason I’m saying I can’t claim Italy as my own anymore is because I just learned that tricolore is how they refer to the flag, which I guess means it should be Tricolore. 

I learned this little gem thanks to another amazing recipe from Ellie Krieger in The Food You Crave:  Tricolore Penne with Chicken, which consists of green arugula, red radicchio, and white endive.  admittedly, these are not my favorite veggies; I guess we never grew them on the farm.  Even though I find them unimpressive, this dish was wonderful, which I believe was a result of the sun-dried tomatoes and the garlic. well, let me rephrase – sliced garlic.  I can never have enough, which is why it’s shocking that I forgot to mention the jeweled veggies had eight cloves of it roasted whole.  alas, I digress. 

I promise I’m going to work on the photos.  I actually got a new Nikon with an extra lense to take on my trip to France a few months ago, so I really have no excuse, especially since I firmly believe that presentation is half the battle!  so far though I’ve only managed to use my phone for pictures.  I guess it’s because as soon as it’s ready I want to eat it. 

Eat well


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